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Doreen H.
March 30,2015

Auburn, MA
Interview 1:30PM
September 27, 2002

Were you glad you hired Channing? 

Oh yes…Absolutely! Absolutely.

What was your case about?

It was a worker’s comp case. I fell in the cafeteria at a hospital where I worked.  I slipped on some ice that hadn’t been cleaned up. I went down on all fours. My injury was devastating…As a result; I had to have separate surgeries for carpal tunnel, a knee replacement and a hip replacement.  I just had my hip surgery in June, so I am still recuperating.

A worker’s compensation case when you worked at the hospital?

Yes, I was a Patient Advocate.  Before my accident, I had never taken a single sick day.  I had accumulated 1000 hours.   The fall exacerbated some pre-existing conditions. Because of the accident, I was out a whole year and initially had to live on that sick time that I had accumulated. 

Were you happy with the outcome of your case?

Oh yes.  Channing did such a very fine job. They all did.  In fact, I think it was way beyond my expectations. 

It was a very complicated case and he was so very thorough in trying to negotiate with everyone for what would be the best.  He worked very laboriously with the insurance lawyers.  He built a good relationship with all the doctors so that everyone could work together.  He was very concerned about best thing to do and how to do it.  He didn’t rush it and took his time to be very thorough.

Are you still working?

No.  The system makes it that, if you take a settlement you can’t go back to work there.   That is hard to get use to .  

Which office location did you go to?

I’m from Auburn, so I met Channing in the Worcester office. Their office staff… was so very compassionate. They really reached out while I was going through a difficult time.

They all always tried to do the very best and were kind and compassionate and considerate towards me. It makes big difference when you can participate in such a thing and feel like you are part of the process. 

Would you refer other people to them?


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