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Phyllis B.
April 13,2013

Financially, they now take care of all my related medicals and I get money each month until I die. Attorney Migner worked so hard. The medical experts he found to help us worked so very hard as well. Channing made me really feel like he had a personal interest in me.  Phyllis B., Auburn, MA

I was so glad that I hired Attorney Migner.  He was so special… I was injured from second hand smoke.  Our case made headlines around the world.  Channing stuck his neck out.  He took on a real challenge.  There was no law about second hand smoke.  I think it was the first case on second hand smoke in whole country.  It was quite a feat.  It was quite special that we could make a difference in so many people’s lives.

We were fighting my employer (a major Commonwealth of Mass public entity). They are big and powerful.  Channing had to do a tremendous amount of research and study. The case lasted three years.  Mine is a hidden injury. I can’t breathe, but you can’t really see that from looking at me.  That made it even harder for Channing, but he used my doctor’s reports and all the medical records to show just how injured I really am. We were in and out of court.  I had to go see so many specialists. The judge kept it for a whole year before coming out with a decision. We finally made our mark and it was a good one.

The decision was wonderful.  After that, all government buildings became smoke free.  After our case, the tobacco companies got up in arms…and all the campaigns against them started.  Channing started it all! 

Up at U-Mass Medical, they even did a big write up about their doctors and me and that was the very first big building to go smoke free. 

Financially, they now take care of all my related medicals…and I get money each month until I die.   I have been offered a lump-sum a couple of times, but Channing suggested and I decided that this way would be much better for me… so I know I’ll always be okay.

Sadly, my medical problems won’t ever get better.  I really had to come to grips with that. But, I just take each day one at a time and say, “Life’s Good!”  There’s really no point to complaining.

I found Attorney Migner through my son John, who is an attorney in Quincy, Mass.  He recommended Channing.  He also thinks Channing is the tops.  In my early career I lived in Belmont and worked in Boston.  Then I moved and worked in Auburn.  I’m living out of state now, but Channing still takes care of my legal needs… the distance really doesn’t matter to him.

Some of the things that I liked most about Attorney Migner are that he worked so hard.  He also worked very well with all the doctors.  The medical experts he found to help us worked so very hard as well.  Through hard work and research he found the perfect medical professionals and experts to help.  That was so important.   Channing made me really feel like he had a personal interest in me.

And his office staff…. They are so continuous in their caring.   Even though you know they are juggling a lot of cases, you feel like yours is the most important one. The whole staff is so meticulous with details….that’s so very important.

Channing has a low key, gentle demeanor.  During our case, the other side kept badgering us for hours.  But Channing handles pressure so well!  He is calm, cool and collected. He doesn’t get ruffled (like I do!) and he is so caring…. He is so polished and professional, not coarse at all.

I would absolutely refer people to him 100 times over!!! … He’s a very special person and a gift to the law.  He is an absolute plus to the whole profession.

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