Our main office in Worcester MA offers the following areas of expertise in Workers Compensation, Social Security Disability, Upper Extremity Injuries and Personal Injury. We also have an office in Marina Bay, Quincy MA, which is convenient for Boston clients.

Many cases involve complex, interrelated legal issues. Attorney Migner’s extensive cross-disciplinary experience allows us to identify and pursue every avenue of recovery available and ensures that each client receives the full compensation deserved.  For example, Attorney Migner helped Jack R. successfully pursue a products liability claim against the manufacturer of the machinery that seriously injured him at work as well as a Workers’ Compensation claim against his employer and an Accidental Disability Retirement claim.  Click here to see what Jack R. had to say about The Law Office of Channing Migner.

The Law Office of Channing Migner, P.C., represents and advises clients in a wide range of legal matters. The following are the firm’s major practice areas:

“All because of them now, I own my own home. It’s totally mine.  I have the freedom to live where I want to live for the rest of life.”

Jack R.’s case started as a workers compensation claim with Attorney Migner but then developed into a civil lawsuit.
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