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March 3,2014

More than Glad…

I had a workers compensation case and had been to another lawyer… That lawyer was referred by a friend who said she was “very nice”.  She indeed was very nice, but she not very confident in my case. She kept reiterating how repetitive strain cases are so hard to win and prove. She wasn’t asking for much money for me. Since I was going to be impoverished …I asked around a lot for other options…. R. S.

I ended up talking to a friend who was an occupational medicine nurse in Pennsylvania. My friend asked the best workers compensation attorney in Pennsylvania, whom she knew, who was the best workers’ compensation attorney in Massachusetts... She was told, “Channing Migner.” My friend passed on Channing’s name, so I called him up. 

He went out of his way to do research and uncover all the possibilities... For example: I was 25 years old.  He turned up a law from the 1920’s that said if an injury was caused during the “apprentice stages” of one’s career, you could count that you are on a upward compensation curve that will increase.   Because of this, he was able to get me much more than I would have gotten from any other lawyer around.

Another thing: I had to go repeatedly for many years to independent medical evaluators. I learned that these evaluators are actually selected by the Insurance companies. So how can they really be independent?  Many are very biased. Channing went out of his way to find the least biased evaluators for me. He knew tons of them in the field and steered me toward medical examiners who were knowledgeable about my syndrome.

Another thing : Great person. Very kind, very considerate and veryrespectful. You know lawyers have a very bad reputation… Channing really broke the mold.

Also:  Very Pro Active.  Anticipating problems that could arise and he was always working to prevent. He was always very assertive and pro-active. 

I feel very grateful because I was never able to go back to that type of work. Without him, my present financial situation would have been really desperate.

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