Vocational Assistance Sites

Vocational Rehabilitation is designed for workers who have functional limitations as a result of their injuries. Its purpose is to assist injured workers in finding a new job or career that their injuries will allow them to do.  The above link brings you to the website of the Massachusetts Department of Industrial Accidents which explains Vocational Rehabilitation Services further. You may be able to start planning now for the future, while you are collecting workers’ compensation benefits.

Vocational Rehabilitation Brochure

The Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission (MRC) assists individuals with disabilities to live independently and go to work again. MRC is the agency of the Commonwealth responsible for Vocational Rehabilitation Services, Independent Living Services, and for eligibility determination for SSI/SSDI (federal) benefits programs for Massachusetts citizens with disabilities. The agency serves individuals with all types of disabilities except those who are blind. Individuals with visual disabilities are served through the Massachusetts Commission for the Blind.

Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission

CAP is run by the Massachusetts Office on Disability, an independent state agency. MOD is responsible for promoting the rights of persons with disabilities in Massachusetts. CAP provides advocacy and information services. It helps people get services from the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission, the Massachusetts Commission for the Blind and the Independent Living Centers in Massachusetts, all of which receive Federal money under the Vocational Rehabilitation Act.

Massachusetts Client Assistance Program

Easter Seals offers comprehensive vocational rehabilitation, computer and job training and employment services to adults and students with a wide range of disabilities. These services are designed for those who need to develop skills in order to get and keep jobs in today’s competitive, computer-dominated work place.

Easter Seals of Massachusetts

For those with a serious injury, not having graduated from high school will often present a real barrier to getting retrained and back to work. Visit the link below for assistance.

GED Testing in Massachusetts