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Roseann B.
April 13,2013

After the case was settled in my favor, Channing helped me get vocational re-training. I am now a surgical technician.   I like my new job a lot better than the old job.  It all worked out so well. Roseann B., West Brookfield, MA

I was so glad that I hired Attorney Migner.  I had a back injury to my L4-L5 disc at work.

I started off with a different lawyer but my sister-in-law, who worked at the Department of Industrial Accidents in Boston gave me Channing’s name.

It worked out in a very positive way.  Channing was very, very, very understanding. He knew all about my injury and fought for me all the way.  I believe more so than any lawyer would.

We both knew I needed surgery to get better and he fought for that and won.  Even after my case was finished, Channing fought to get me vocational retraining to help me get a different job. 

Even the judge had compassion for me, the victim. Going through the whole process proved to be really worthwhile. I was hurt and the Worker’s Compensation legal system was able to help me. 

I had a double injury which made it harder to prove.  But I had kept detailed notes of my treatment and experience.  I was careful to follow through with everything Channing wanted me to do.  Channing referred me to a great doctor and I had an anterior interbody fusion of the L5 disk.  The insurance company fought against paying it, until we won and they had to pay.

Channing really worked to get me everything I needed.  He went further to fight for me to get IDET (Intra discal electro-thermal therapy) for me.  That’s like a shrink-wrap of the disc in my back.  The surgery cost an extra $7000.00.  It was secondary surgery to help with the pain, so we had to fight for and appeal for it but Channing fought tooth and nail and we won.  I got that surgery and it worked so well!  I am no longer in pain.

I had been an LPN in a nursing home in Wilbraham.  It was a very physical job with a lot of lifting to it with a lot of different patients. After my injury, I couldn’t lift like that anymore.  So Channing helped me get vocational re-training.  I went to Quinsigimond College and am now a surgical technician. I work at UMass Medical Center and I do one patient at time.   I like my new job a lot better than the old job.  It all worked out so well.

I would absolutely refer other people to Attorney Migner!  I don’t think one could find anyone better.  He is so nice.  It’s very good to have a lawyer who cares about the injured person and he definitely does--from the beginning of the case, when it’s settled, and even afterwards.  It is a long and drawn out process, step-by-step, filled with lots of paperwork and seemingly ridiculous hoops to jump through.  It was hard, but with Channing’s support, I kept a positive attitude through the whole thing and in the end, it really worked out for the best.

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