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Sandra N.
March 3,2014

Channing always talks at my level and he’s very easy to talk to. Sandra N. 

Serious back injury

He acted more like a friend than he did a lawyer. I was really happy with him.

My first case with him was for a herniated disc, which required back surgery in 1990. I went back to work part time and I had hired a lawyer who was trying to get me on workman’ comp, but we lost the case. In 1992, Channing took over my case and we won.

I worked as a stitcher at Asher Pants in Fitchburg. They were always having a lot of injuries there so I referred a lot of the employees to Channing.

He would even go to their houses to meet with them. One of my fellow workers only spoke Spanish so he had an interpreter meet at the house and that worked well.

The company shut down in March 1998 so I contacted Channing and he was able to get me a settlement.

I started a house cleaning business but my back started to hurt again and I was rushed to the hospital with two more herniated discs. My doctor suggested that I apply for Social Security.

I called Channing and hired him again. The letter the doctor wrote for me was not very helpful and he charged me for it, which is not supposed to happen.

I was denied twice but this is normal. Before returning to Court, Channing had me sit and review everything. We went to court and won my case.

I would refer Channing to anyone. He never makes you feel like you’re bothering him. His secretary is a sweetheart and we still keep in touch. She’s in the Worcester Office.

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