Worker’s Comp / Social Security Client Stories


Repetitive Strain Injury: I ended  up talking to a friend who was an occupational medicine nurse  in Pennsylvania.  My friend asked the best workers’ compensation attorney in Pennsylvania, whom she knew, who was the best workers’ compensation attorney in Massachusetts…She was told, “Channing Migner.”  My friend passed on Channing’s name, so I called him up. I feel very grateful because I was never able to go back to that type of work. Without Attorney Migner’s help, my present financial situation would have been really desperate.

R. S. lives in Boston.  Click here for more details about her case.

Severe Eye Injury:“Channing was my lawyer for my Workman’s Compensation case. His dedication in getting a settlement that was fair to me was outstanding. It was much more than I expected. He always gave me options about different ways to pursue my claim, which I considered right up until the day before my case went to court. He was always looking out for my best interests and when I made a decision, he respected the decision and fulfilled it to the best of his ability. I have only positive things to say about my experience with Channing.”

Roger W lives in Webster, Ma. He suffered a severe eye injury and was left nearly blinded in one eye. He was interviewed on January 22, 2003. Click here to read his comments.

Back Injury: I worked as a stitcher at a clothes factory . … We were always having lots of injuries there.  I referred a lot of my friends to Channing.  Channing would even go to their houses to meet them. One of my fellow workers only spoke Spanish, but we had a friend meet at the house to act as an interpreter, and that worked well too… I would refer Channing to anybody. Anybody.

Sandra N. lives in Fitchburg. Click here to read her comments.

Neck Fusion: Channing helped me get vocational re-training…. I like my new job a lot better than the old job.  It all worked out so well.

Rosann B. lives in West Brookfield.   Click here to read her comments.

Repetitive Strain Injury: We got our day in court in 6 to 8 months. …We went before a judge. I started crying (not bawling or anything, but teary eyed )  when Channing told my story in of front of judge.  He detailed all my struggles …  Even the insurance company admitted that they had just denied my claim from day one. ….. We ended up winning.   But that doesn’t end it.

Sheila M. lives in Cambridge and had a Workers Compensation case with Channing Migner that settled in 1998.   Click here to read Sheila’s comments and experience with the MA Worker’s Comp appeal process.